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House Project Rendering

To render (to show) implies making a 3D model based on a picture or plan, using a special computer program. A model is a set of 3D objects with all the relevant data structure (geometry, point of view, texture, light). The English word “render” is also used in dealing with special effects in videos.

This process is used with computers, computer games, simulators, films, special effects, design visualization. Every field uses a different ratio and technique. There are different kinds of rendering. Some are free (Open source), while others are expensive (the ones for making 3D cartoons). Rendering programs are delicate programs dealing with the physics of light, visual overview, mathematics, etc.

In 3D graphics, rendering can be slow (pre-rendering) or real time rendering. Pre rendering is an intensive process used in making movies, while real time rendering is used in 3D computer games, where the visual scene is immediately processed by the graphic card and shown on the screen.


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