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House Project - Architecture

In a narrower sense, architecture is the art of construction, planning, shaping and building different kinds of structures, while arranging and planning the surroundings and outdoor areas can be referred to as landscape architecture.

These are the fields of expertise of architects whose job is to meet the needs and wishes of clients when it comes to living and working environments and spaces. Prior to any kind of construction, the preliminary design, the main project and the designing supervision must be provided. A preliminary design in architecture serves as a draft for detailed elaboration of ideas that will eventually be materialized.

The main project summarizes all the details from the preliminary design, adjusting it for the contractors. The designing supervision in architecture implies hiring experts from our agency who would supervise the contractors and make sure all the conditions for carrying out the main project are met. It’s architecture that takes credit for room sizes and arrangements.

The construction techniques are various and depending on the type of construction and material.


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