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Home House Project

In a broader, architectural sense, the term ‘house’ implies any kind of structure one can spend time in, regardless of its purpose. In a narrower sense, it is a building meant for one to three families, or more than one generation of a family.

The house provides a shelter against the elements such as wind, cold, heat, etc. Its residents can spend a better part of a day outside the house, fulfilling their social, business, recreational needs, being in the house at least the time they sleep. The house usually has a main entrance and the back one. Making a house project implies many small things that need be turned into a whole.

House planning is a complicated process and should not be taken for granted, since it is difficult to make late corrections. The most important thing is to meet all the locational, planning and legal conditions you may come upon. This is why you should think hard before trusting someone with the job.


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