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House Project Energy Efficient

The definition of energy efficiency usually encompasses two meanings, one of which applies to machines and house hold appliances, while the other applies to demeanors and measures.

Energy efficient appliance is the one with a high level of utilization, i.e. low level of energy loss during energy transformation. For example, an ordinary light bulb transforms a bigger part of electric energy into heat, and a much smaller part into light, thus representing an energy inefficient device.

The most common measures taken to lower energy loss and boost energy efficiency are:

  • -replacing unrenewable with renewable energy sources
  • - replacing energy inefficient with energy efficient machines and appliances
  • - insulation of the spaces that need to be cooled or heated
  • - putting new doors and windows in those spaces - installation of new energy regulating and measuring devices
  • - introducing new energy spending classifications by energy distributors, encouraging energy saving customers
  • - control of daylight and heat entering living spaces

Nowadays, when growing energy prices show the scale of the crisis ahead of us, we become more and more aware of the need for rational use of energy. Sustainable development is no longer just a scientific term, but now an important part of the European legislative standards and a way of life for European citizens.

The construction industry is one of the world’s biggest energy consumer and an environmental hazard. The profit dictatorship results in building bigger and more expensive constructions that require more and more steel and concrete, which are produced from large amounts of unrenewable energy sources.

On the other hand, pre-fabricated construction takes a totally different approach. Its basic building material is timber. It represents an environmentally friendly choice, since its production requires much less energy and the building material can be recycled.


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